अन्वेषण – The IITM Research Center

Institute has a Research Center named अन्वेषण headed by Dr Sarmistha Sarma. By bringing rigorous research and analysis, critical thinking, and thought leadership to decisions that are often otherwise based on intuition, IITM Research Center works on real issues that have resulted in the publication of numerous articles in newspapers, and in the development of books and research papers.

The Institution strongly believes that the research and teaching goes hand in hand for knowledge accumulation. The committee encourages faculty members to undertake and pursue their research and publish their findings. They are also encouraged to participate and present papers at conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops. They are assisted in drafting proposals for research work or in formulating project proposals for scholarship and fellowship, seeking grants in aid from external agencies (Govt. or Non Govt.). The Committee also regularly organizes research oriented Faculty Development Programs, workshops, Management Development Programs, Seminars & conferences in the campus.

Management Research Group

IT Research Group

Outcomes of Research Center Initiatives:

1. “New Paradigms in Business Management and Information Technology”— Edited for Kunal Publishers. ISBN: 978-93-8075243-3.

2. “Demographic Dividend of India Myth or Reality”—Edited by Dr Sarmistha Sarma for Kunal Books in 2012 ISBN 978-93-80752-58-7.

3. “CASES ON BRANDING STRATEGIES AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: SUCCESSES AND PITFALLS ” Published by IGI Global USA :Released in the Advances in Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, and E-Services (AMCRMES) Book Series .Edited By Dr Sarmistha Sarma and Mr Sukhvinder Singh ISBN-10: 1466673931 ISBN-13: 978-1466673939

4. “Consumer Behaviour -Principles and Practices”- By Dr Sarmistha Sarma Published By IK International. ISBN-10: 9384588059 ,ISBN-13: 978-9384588052.

5. “Marketing Research And Business Statistics”—By Dr Sarmistha Sarma Published by Sun India Publications in 2010 ISBN 978-93-80674-03-2.

6. “A Service marketing View of Customer Delight”—By Dr Sarmistha Sarma Published by Kunal Books in 2012 ISBN 978-93-80752-90-7.

7. “Service Marketing”- By Mr. Sukhvinder Singh and Dr Sarmistha Sarma and Sun India Publishers released in 2014 ISBN: 978-93-80674-86-5.

8. “Sales and Distribution Management” ”- By Mr. Sukhvinder Singh Sun India Publishers ISBN: 978-93-80674-73-5.