Magazine – Navonmesh

‘Navonmesh’ is the annual magazine of IITM Janakpuri Delhi. The institute magazine is a platform for the students to express their creative pursuit which develops in them, originality of thought and expression. The contents of the magazine reflect the creativity and imagination of our students. Academic excellence along with co-curricular and extra co-curricular activities completes the process of education.

IITM has grown significantly in the recent past and continues to work relentlessly to sustain its growth. Through this, readers will realize the tremendous changes that are happening in the IITM campus. The magazine highlights a glimpse of growth of the institution on many fronts. The college has been simply unstoppable in its progress as it has been actively involved in various activities that have brought to light the hidden talents of students. The highly qualified and dedicated members of staff have always carried out their duties with a high level of commitment. This magazine has recorded contributions such as short stories, poems, articles and art work of students. They stand as a witness to the monumental efforts taken by the management to make the college a center of
excellence in education and research.


IITM Magazine Navonmesh 2018

IITM Magazine Navonmesh 2017

IITM Magazine Navonmesh 2016

IITM Magazine Navonmesh 2015


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