Lab Quality Assurance Committee (LQAC)


In order to deploy and upgrade the IT infrastructure, a Lab Monitoring Committee identified as Lab Quality Assurance Cell (LQAC) has been formed. This committee works towards the efficient, effective and smooth conduction of the computer Labs.



1. Up gradation of computer hardware and software as and when it’s required.

2. Maintenance.

3. Monitoring.

4. Expansion.


LQAC Team Members

Faculty Lab Coordinator-Dr. Prabhat Kumar

Lab Assistants-Mr. Sanjay Sinha, Mr. Krishan Mohan, Mr. Khoobi Ram, Mr. Jaiveer, Mr. Saurabh, Mr. Rajeev, Mr. Raj Kumar


Roles & Responsibilities of LQAC Team Members

1. Physical verification of the Computer lab (hardware and software).

2. Regular Interaction with the lab assistants regarding various issues/suggestions.

3. Maintenance of Monthly Lab Status Report.

4. Maintenance of the lab and lab  notice board

5. Consistently working towards the improvisation of the Lab.

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