Open Access of Documents

Library provides open access of documents to its users. In this service users are free to access the documents on the shelves without taking any permission of library personnel.

Circulation Service

It is a conventional service; Library users get the documents issued from the library and take them home.

Documents which can be lent out:

  1. Text Books:

          STUDENTS: Maximum of three books can be issued for One week. It can be renewed further for one more week if there is no reservation.

          FACULTY: Maximum of six books can be issued for entire semester.

  1. Periodicals: Loose back-issues of journals can be given to the faculty for one week only.
  2. Reference Collection: Reference Books can be accessed within the library premises only.
  3. CDs: CDs are also issued to the students and faculty for maximum of 3 days.
  4. Reservation: Books can be reserved by the students and faculty.
Book Bank Scheme

To help the students in their studies library has introduced Book-Bank Scheme. The procedure of getting books from book-bank is mentioned below.

  • One set of books (one book per Paper) is issued to each student.
  • Book-Bank books are issued in one lot and have to be returned similarly.
Borrowing Rules
  • Students must produce their Identity card while borrowing the books.
  • Students must check to see that books in their possession have been properly checked out to them before leaving the library.
  • Students are held responsible for all the materials issued against their identity card.
  • Students must check and report any mutilation found at the time of issuing the book. At the time of return, no plea about its bad condition shall be accepted, if returned in damaged/disfigured condition.
  • Students must report the loss of document immediately to the Circulation Section of the Library and they must pay the compensation for the lost document.
  • Students must ensure that the books issued to them are returned or renewed on or before the due date.
  • The documents on loan with the students can be recalled by the Library at any time.
Current Awareness Service (CAS)

The objective of this service is to help IITM faculty and students keep informed of new study materials added in the library.

The library has a column of “Recent Arrivals” which displays recent purchased books. There is a “Periodical Display Rack” also, which provides information of recently added Journals and Magazines.

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)

The objective of this service is to help IITM Faculty keep up-to-date of recently published articles (Published in the journals subscribed by the library) on their subjects.

To know the faculty subject interests Library has a “SDI-Profile-Form”, in which every faculty fills his/her area of interest. The library makes a list of articles on faculty’s interests and send it to them via mail or personally.

Reference Service

Reference Section is available in the library for the students and the faculty. Books can be referred from the reference section within the library premises. Reference books cannot be issued.

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

A book can be searched through our catalogue using various approaches such as Author, Title, Subject and any other relevant keywords.

Other Services

i.        Short bibliographies.

ii.        Reading Lists.

iii.        Photocopier Service.

iv.        Internet Access Service.

v.        Provide previous year end term examination question papers.