Extra-Curricular plays an important role in one’s overall personality development. Extra-curricular means getting an exposure to things and activities that reside outside of your academic curriculum. College is a place that lays the foundation to your future and your career. It is a place where you not just gain the academic knowledge but also where your overall personality development takes place. And it’s the extra-curricular activities that are responsible for grooming your overall personality.

In IITM, apart from academic excellence, we focus on overall personality development through extracurricular activities.

Anugoonj Winners
Year Event Position Name of the Winner
2019 Indian Light Vocals I Akhil Nair
Mr. Anugoonj II Utkarsh Mishra
2018 Choreography II Eccentric Team
Debate (English) II Aditya Chahal & Umang
2017 One Act Play II Tamasha Team
Cartooning II Ayush Baijal
2015 Debate Competition (E) II Karan Pandey
Kamal Preet Singh
Nach Baliye I Shesh Murgai
Bhawna Negi

Cultural Events

Students are given ample opportunities to hone their skills in various forms of performing arts.Various cultural events are coordinated and organised by students themselves under the supervision of faculty members.

Student Support Services
Personality Development and Leadership:

Apart form imparting value based education and preparing the students for achieving academic excellence, the Institute conducts regular lectures on “Personality Development and Leadership” and organises interaction with eminent experts from different disciplines.

Some of the major topics covered are:

Traits of well adjusted personality, positive thinking, assertive behaviour, effective communication, public speaking, team sprit, emotional intelligence, time management, ethics and values, rights and duties, social responsibility, relaxation, concentration and stress management. The Institute believes that professional knowledge should invariably be matched with personal growth of the students.

Executive Fitness Programme
Stress Management:

Stress management is one of the essential components of our executive fitness programme. Regular sessions of the following are held for the students and faculty


Yogasannas have an extraordinary capacity to rejuvenate and bring the system to a state of balance. They help to tone the nervous system, reduce tensions, improve circulation and increase flexibility.


A proper rhythmic pattern of slow, deep breathing soothes the nervous system, strengthens the respiratory system and calibrates the mind.


Meditation unlocks the hidden powers of mind and body. Its regular practice relaxes the mind and promotes concentration.