Grievance Redressal Committee

Anyone with a genuine grievance may approach the Grievance Redressal Committee members in person, grievances may be dropped in writing at the suggestion/complaint box or sent to the email-id of the Grievance Cell.

Chairperson: Dr. Geetali Banerji                  Convener: Dr. Prabhat Kumar Vishwakarma

     (Mob. 9555217983)                                                           (Mob. 7303423345)


Dr. Mohita Mathur                              Dr. Renu Sharma                    Dr. Monica Sharma

   (Mob. 9717552406)                         (Mob. 9718391155)                 (Mob. 9560234566)

Grievance Redressal Committee Members
S. No. Name Designation
1. Dr. Geetali Banerji Chairperson
2. Dr. Prabhat Kumar Vishwakarma Member- Convener
3. Dr. Mohita Mathur Member
4. Dr. Renu Sharma Member
5. Dr. Monica Sharma Member
6. Mr. Vikrant Salaria Student Representative
7. Ms. Rosna Student Representative
8. Ms. Tanvi Student Representative

Grievances Redressal Procedure

GGSIPU Grievance Redressal Committee

GGSIPU Advisory under clause 3(ii)(d) of Statute 24 of the University

GGSIPU Directions issued under clause 3(ii)(d) of Statute 24 of University


Professional education is most effective in an environment of informality, mutual respect, cooperation, and open communication. Since there is a unique relationship between students and faculty, students in graduate programs must not only satisfy university and departmental standards for their programs, but also the professional expectations of faculty members.
Graduate students have a concomitant obligation to diligently pursue and satisfy these standards; they are bound to observe and respect the policies, rules and regulations of the University, of their respective departments and of their professors. Often grievances grow out of misunderstandings or perceptions about expectations. Faculty and advisers have an obligation to ensure that graduate students are aware of professional and academic expectations.


The purpose of this policy and procedure is to provide a means for graduate students to seek investigation and possible resolution of academic grievances

Grievance Procedure

Graduate students must attempt to informally resolve an academic grievance as soon as possible; however, a student must initiate informal resolution by contacting the Faculty( Mentor, Program Director or Proctor) no later than ten (10) university days after classes begin in the semester following that in which the complaint arose or the grievance will be deemed untimely. The student must first attempt to resolve the academic grievance through an informal meeting with the Faculty. If the matter cannot be resolved. Then the student should report the matter Grievance cell.

Student Rule Book

Student Rule Book