Career Counseling is a lifelong process since the individual choose an occupation, prepare for it, and make progress in it. Career Counseling has to do with knowing the interest of the candidate, selection of their subject, formation of their study habit and make them progress in those subject and activities and attain the ultimate aim of getting good career as per their wish. It is concerned primarily with helping the individual to make decisions and choices involved in planning for future and to form career decisions and choice necessary in affecting career adjustment.

The institute runs the Career Counseling Cell for providing guidance and counseling to the students regarding various traditional and Job-oriented courses, different kinds of pre-admission and competitive examinations, available job-opportunities, current market trends and employability in public and private sectors. Besides above guidance, the objective of the Cell is to work as a platform of support-service for the students in developing their soft skills, communication ability and personality development, and confidence to perform better, so that they may face the challenge and rigours of competitive examinations and on-job-training in add-on or vocational courses comfortably and without any stress.

The Career Counseling Cell (CCC), as under, has been constituted in the institute to help the students in taking decisions pertaining to further studies and job.

  1. Dr. Geetali Banerji
  2. Dr. Vani Vasakarla
  3. Dr. Monika Kulshrestha
  4. Dr. Sarmistha Sarma
  5. Ms. Gurvinder Kaur (Training & Placement Officer)

The cell members are available for counselling at the institute, between 10:00 a.m. and 04:00 p.m.. The students may also phone-in for advice, on the days and time, as mentioned.